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Whether you’re looking for domestic, import, or micro-brews Bottle Barn Liquors has some of the lowest prices in town, not to mention the extra savings you will see if you make a 3 or 10 case purchase.

Whether you’re looking for ales, lagers or IPAs, Bottle Barn has you covered. The vast variety available at Bottle Barn Liquors will get your party started!

The Growler Station

Bottle Barn Liquors welcomes you to stop in at our Fargo and West Fargo locations and sample some of the finest quality Craft Beers from around the region.

The Growler is what is used to carry fresh craft beer home from a brewery. For beer enthusiasts though, a growler is much more than just a simple container…it is a godsend! Growlers, you see are the best way to ensure the fresh from the brewery taste you are looking for, stays fresh–during the trip and right up until your very last sip.

The patented Pegas counter pressure filling technology used at The Growler Station Express is designed to keep Craft Beer fresh for 30-45 days once we put it in the bottle. This allows you to enjoy your growler at your leisure.  You won’t be rushed to drink it within 1-2 days when compared to the traditional tap filling method.

Fun Facts
A beer wave of 388,000 gallons flooded London in 1814 after a huge vat ruptured.


The oldest known recipe for beer is over 4,000 years old, made by Sumerians.
Types of Beer


Dating back to ancient times, ales have been brewed all over the world. Their production is especially famous in England. Ales are typically full-bodied, sweet beers and can range from a pale gold to a dark, rich brown. The coloring is dependent on the types of grains used in the brewing process.


Lagers are loved for their clean, crisp taste, which is largely due to the fermentation process involving yeasts that usually settle on the bottom of the fermenter. Lagers are fermented at lower temperatures than other types of beer, which causes the process to take longer. This creates a smooth, mellow taste.


IPA (India Pale Ale) has a rich history, which makes it even more enjoyable to drink. It was first made in England in the late 18th century. A high-strength recipe was needed for traveling, thus IPA was born. IPAs have big, hoppy, full-flavored distinction, and its popularity has been revived, especially in recent years. With the many variations, you’re sure to find one you love.